Amino Acid

Essential for life, Glycine and Taurine amino acids play crucial roles in the body, from building proteins to supporting neurotransmission. Our high-quality Glycine and Taurine are perfect for nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical applications.

Avigly - Glycine

Avigly proudly presented by Avid Organics, redefines the potential of Glycine Acid as a cornerstone for formulators seeking excellence. As a fundamental building block in vital processes, Avigly empowers formulations with a catalyst that enhances the efficacy of end products.

General Info:

CAS Number 56-40-6
Molecular Formula C2H5O2
Molecular Weight 75.07 gm/mol

Key Characteristics:

Biosynthesis Marvel Plays a crucial role in the creation of essential compounds.
Dietary Protagonist Its interaction with taurine sheds light on lipid concentrations in specific diets.

Market Applications:

Pharmaceutical Synthesis An intermediate for Thiamphenicol and a foundational raw material for Herbicide Glyphosate.
Agriculture An assistant agent for dichloride benzene ether.
Feed Additives Serves as an inductor and nutrition source.
Flavor & Preservation Can be utilized as a flavoring agent, sweetener, or antiseptic. It synergizes well with L-glutamate, DL-alanine, and citric.
Food Industry Enhances seasons, soft beverages, and salted vegetables, preserving color and flavor while inhibiting bacterial propagation.
Vitamin Stabilizer Keeps Vitamin C stable and effective.
Medical Solutions Used in amino acid injections and as a buffer for aureomycin. It’s also a precursor for products like L-Dopa and cephalosporin.
Cosmetic Enhancer Contributes to the formulation of certain cosmetics.
Medicinal Additive Aids in alleviating conditions like muscle atrophy, false hypertrophy, and neuropathic acid stomach.

With Glycine, Avid Organics ensures you’re harnessing the power of a multifaceted amino acid that finds its mark across industries and applications. Choose Avid, choose unparalleled amino acid expertise.

Avitau - Taurine

Avitau, a product proudly presented by Avid Organics, encapsulates the essence of taurine’s potential, nurturing wellness across various facets of the body. As an indispensable amino acid, Avitau offers a catalyst that supports essential bodily functions, ensuring a holistic approach to health.

General Info:

CAS Number 107-35-7
Molecular Formula C2H7NO3S
Molecular Weight 125.15 gm/mol

Key Characteristics:

Unique Molecular Structure Unlike other amino acids, Taurine doesn’t possess L or D stereoisomer forms, making it distinctively beneficial.
Heart Health Promoter Known to enhance cardiac contractions, it’s a boon for those with cardiac conditions.

Market Applications:

Energy Boost A prime ingredient in energy drinks.
Mineral Supplements Essential in crafting the magnesium salt of Taurine, a renowned magnesium mineral supplement.
Health & Wellness Integral for cardiovascular function, skeletal muscle development, retina health, and central nervous system operations.
Cardiac Care Proven to enhance the performance of heart-muscle contractions, especially in those with congestive heart failure.
Animal Health A dietary necessity for feline well-being.
Pharmaceuticals Used in the creation of the anthelmintic drug netobimib (Totabin) and various other medications such as antihypertensive, hypoglycemic, and cardiac drugs.
Eye Care Incorporated in certain contact lens solutions.
Food & Beverage Serves as a nutritional supplement in dairy products, beverages, infant formulas, and more.
Cosmetics Features in skincare products and other personal care items.
Agriculture Acts as a nutritional supplement in animal feed, especially for cats.
Industrial Uses Recognized as a valuable intermediate in a variety of industries.

Avid Organics ensures the highest purity Taurine, catering to a multitude of market needs.