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Welcome to Avid Organics, a beacon of innovation and excellence. More than mere producers, we are pioneers of value-added chemicals, redefining industry standards and leaving an indelible mark on sectors ranging from cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to agriculture and paint.

Our distinction goes beyond the products we craft; it lies in the seamless integration of imagination and cutting-edge technology. Yet, our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility remains unwavering. Every innovation is made with an eye on the future – ensuring a safe planet for generations to come.

Our Commitment to Achieving Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050

Driven by our steadfast dedication to sustainability, Avid has made significant strides since 2018, cutting net emissions by 22%. Our goal is clear: zero carbon emissions by 2050, with a milestone of net zero emissions by 2040. As a proud participant in the Paris Agreement, we’re at the forefront of global emission reduction efforts. Moreover, our ‘Live and Let Live’ policy underlines our opposition to animal testing, ensuring we adhere to legal standards worldwide.

Infrastructure Facility

Avid boasts a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Poicha (Rania), Vadodara, tailored for the sophisticated demands of the industry. This includes state-of-the-art Glass Lined and Stainless Steel Reactors, sophisticated Distillation Columns, proprietary patented equipment, and an array of technologically advanced tools. Our internal research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC) facilities serve as a testament to our ongoing dedication to quality. The most up-to-date equipment in these labs guarantees exacting inspection and adherence to unmatched product standards.

Quality Control Assurance

At Avid Organics, we understand that unwavering quality assurance is the cornerstone of exceptional manufacturing. Leveraging diverse expertise, we meticulously craft processes that uphold the highest standards. Our rigorous and systematic quality checks guarantee unmatched product excellence. Moreover, we’re always attuned to our customers’ evolving needs, ensuring we not only meet but exceed their expectations.


At Avid, community well-being is more than a responsibility—it's our ethos. We deeply value the harmony of the communities our employees and neighbors call home. Our commitment is not fleeting; it's rooted in a genuine care for the environment and its inhabitants.

Health and Safety

Safety isn't just a protocol; it's embedded in our DNA. Whether it's our plants, processes, or personnel, safety is our unwavering priority. We implement proactive measures and initiatives to ensure our operations stand as a benchmark for security and safety.

Corporate Citizenship

Our Products holds a steadfast dedication to the communities we serve. Beyond business, we deeply resonate with the places our employees and neighbors thrive. Our engagement is more than corporate—it's a heartfelt commitment to mutual growth and prosperity.

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