Our Quality Products

Explore Our Diverse Range of Products Across 5 Innovative Categories.

Carboxylic Acids & Esters

Foundational in nature, pivotal in industries, transformative in pharmaceuticals, their unique properties are key to a range of everyday products

Amino Acid

We offer Glycine and Taurine, pivotal for protein construction and neural function, suitable for health supplements and medical formulations.

Disinfectant and Antiseptics

Uniquely designed for effective solubility in hot n-Butanol and Mineral acid, ensuring versatile and reliable sanitation solutions.

Fungistatic/ Bacteriostatic Agents

Designed for superior protection and reliability across various applications, with a commitment to prompt and efficient service.


Offering essential anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory APIs, including Vildagliptin, Gliclazide, and Diclofenac Sodium for healthcare advancements.