Acids & Esters

Carboxylic Acids occur widely in nature, often combined with alcohols or other functional groups, as in fats, oils, and waxes. They are components of many foods, medicines, and household products. Avid Organics provides Carboxylic Acids & Esters products with the best services.

AviGa - Glycolic Acid

AviGa signifies a groundbreaking leap in the glycolic acid industry, harnessing the potent capabilities of the smallest alpha-hydroxy acid. Its influence extends across skincare and a diverse spectrum of cleaning and industrial applications, marking a profound advancement in versatility.

General Info

CAS Number 79-14-1
Molecular Formula C2H2O2
Molecular Weight 76.05 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

Versatile Power AviGa showcases the exceptional adaptability of glycolic acid across skincare, cleaning, and industrial uses, proving its versatility in both rejuvenation and enhancement.
Eco-Friendly Excellence As a eco-friendlier leader, AviGa is fully biodegradable, marrying high performance with environmental responsibility.
Gentle Powerhouse AviGa redefines effectiveness with its low-corrosivity yet potent formula, offering a perfect balance of strength and delicacy for various applications.

Domestic & Institutional Cleaning

Dissolving PowerEffectively breaks down hard water salts, soap scum, and iron oxide.
Spotless FinishEnsures surfaces are left pristine after cleaning.
Low OdorOffers a pleasant cleaning experience without overpowering scents.
Eco-friendlyReadily biodegradable, making it an environmentally conscious choice.
Enhanced FormulasIts compatibility with various ingredients boosts cleaning formula efficacy.
Superior ResultsIts inclusion in cleaning agents leads to improved and top-notch cleaning outcomes.

Industrial Applications

Equipment Cleaning Glycolic acid is a game-changer for stainless steel boiler and process equipment, ensuring corrosion-free, thorough cleaning.
Dairy Equipment Perfect for tackling milk stone and casein, glycolic acid ensures dairy equipment remains pristine and efficient.
Food Processing It’s a go-to for cleaning meat, poultry, and egg processing equipment, ensuring safety and hygiene.
Transportation Replacing toxic acids, glycolic acid is ideal for cleaning stainless steel and aluminum transports, offering low corrosiveness and high eco-friendliness.

Water Treatment & Metal Processing

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Prevent scale accumulation effectively in cooling systems using glycolic acid.
Well Maintenance Restore water wells by removing scales and bacterial build-ups, ensuring optimal water flow.
Metal Enhancement From metal pickling to giving copper a lasting shine, glycolic acid plays a pivotal role in metal processing and maintenance.

Personal Care

Skin Enhancement Enhancing the aesthetic quality of sun-damaged skin and mitigating the effects of skin ageing.
Hair Moisturization Nourishing hair and scalp to promote a visually healthy and vibrant appearance while minimising scalp flakiness.
Nails & Cuticles Hydration Providing optimal moisture to nails and cuticles to foster a visually appealing and healthy aesthetic.
Anti Aging Creams, serums, lotions, cleansers and toners designed to reduce the signs of aging.

This concise breakdown provides an overview of Glycolic Acid’s vast applications across various sectors. As we delve into more detailed product data, this guide is a roadmap to its multifunctional capabilities.

AviBugly - Butyl Glycolate

AviBugly stands at the forefront of coating and paint enhancement, harnessing the dynamic capabilities of Butyl Glycolate to redefine the standards of quality, gloss, and performance. AviBugly is your solution for achieving impeccable finishes, preventing blemishes, and creating captivating coatings.

General Info

CAS Number 7397-62-8
Molecular Formula C6H12O3
Molecular Weight 132.16 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

Transformative Ingredient AviBugly harnesses the power of Butyl Glycolate, revolutionizing coatings with exceptional flow properties for superior finishes.
Superior Finish and Gloss In paints and lacquers, AviBugly excels, ensuring flawless application and a luminous gloss that stands out.
Versatile Applications Beyond just paints, AviBugly is a dynamic addition to inks and emulsion polymers, bringing efficiency and enhanced performance to a variety of uses.

Market Applications

Paint Additive Notably improves flow characteristics, making paint application smoother.
Blush Preventive Exceptionally effective in cellulose acetate paints, ensuring a flawless finish.
Wrinkle Preventive Ensures alkyd paints maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.
Emulsion Polymers Contributes to enhanced polymer properties.

Butyl Glycolate is more than just a chemical compound; it’s a testament to innovation in paints, inks, and beyond. Dive deeper to explore its multifaceted capabilities, exclusively offered by Avid Organics.

AviAllamgly - Allyl Amyl Glycolate

Discover the essence of innovation with Avid Organics’ Allyl Amyl Glycolate. Our advanced process, involving the strategic combination of isoamyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, and chloroacetic acid, culminates in the production of this exceptional compound. Enhanced by the inclusion of a solvent, our method boasts a rapid reaction speed, increased isoamyl alcohol dehydration conversion rate, cost-efficiency, and impressive yields.

General Info

CAS Number 67634-00-8
Molecular Formula C10H18O3
Molecular Weight 186.251 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

Craftsmanship AviAllamgly merges science with precision, setting new standards in quality and innovation.
Olfactory Magic This essence transforms perfumes and cosmetics, leaving a lasting, captivating scent.
Flavor Revolution AviAllamgly uniquely enhances flavors in food, drinks, and more, offering a distinct sensory experience.
Efficiency With its high yield and cost-effectiveness, AviAllamgly epitomizes efficient production and excellence.

Market Applications

Scent Enhancer Add a contemporary touch of radiance to any fragrance.
Holistic Care Incorporate in personal care items, fabric care products, and home essentials.
Daily Essentials Optimal for Anti-perspirants/Deo, nourishing Creams and Lotions, refreshing Talcum Powder, and Liquid Soap.

Avid Organics’ Allyl Amyl Glycolate is more than just a compound; it’s the heart of aromatic experiences across a spectrum of products. Dive in and embrace the allure.

AviCycgly - Allyl Cyclohexyl Glycolate

AviCycgly is a fragrance ingredient, poised to redefine olfactory experiences across a spectrum of scents. Crafted from Allyl Cyclohexyl Glycolate, this innovative essence adds a nuanced touch that resonates with fruity, green, fougere, marine, floral, and fresh notes, lending a captivatingly verdant and fruity facet to fragrances that captivate the senses.

General Info

CAS Number 68901-15-5
Molecular Formula C11H18O3
Molecular Weight 198.26 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

Clear Parameters Crafted with precision, ensuring adherence to the highest industry standards.
Top Quality Our rigorous quality checks guarantee unparalleled product efficacy.
Timely Delivery With Avid Organics, expect prompt deliveries, every time.

Market Applications

Fragrance Mastery An essential ingredient that elevates any fragrance profile.
Versatile Beauty Perfect for Anti-perspirants/Deo, hydrating Creams and Lotions, aromatic Talcum Powder, cleansing Liquid Soap, nourishing shampoos, and refreshing roll-ons.

Elevate your product line with the charm of Allyl Cyclohexyl Glycolate, exclusively by Avid Organics. Choose quality, choose Avid.

AviOctsal - Octyl Salicylate

AviOctsal introduces a solution dedicated to enhancing the UV defense capabilities of your formulations. Infused with Octyl Salicylate, this formulation revolutionizes sun care, offering an essential barrier against UVB radiation that adds value to your product line.

General Info

CAS Number 6969-49-9
Molecular Formula C15H22O3
Molecular Weight 250.337 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

 Pristine Clarity A transparent colorless liquid that resonates with purity.
Subtle Essence Imbued with a mild floral scent that complements its function.
UVB Shield  Formulated to enhance the UVB protection in sunscreens.

Market Applications

Suncare Essential Acts as a formidable UVB barrier in sunscreens, safeguarding skin from sun-induced damage.
Cosmetic Excellence A preferred ingredient in cosmetics, designed to absorb harmful UVB rays.
Ultraviolet Absorbent: The salicylate component in the compound is adept at absorbing ultraviolet light, ensuring optimal skin protection from sun exposure.

With Avid Organics’ Octyl Salicylate, you’re not just applying a product; you’re embracing a shield against the sun’s harmful effects. Prioritize skin health, choose Avid.

AviAmysal -Amyl Salicylate

AviAmysal introduces a remarkable fragrance ingredient meticulously crafted to enhance your creations with a symphony of scents. Defined by its floral and sweet profile, complemented by herbaceous undertones and balsamic allure, AviAmysal is a transformative essence that takes your fragrances to new heights.

General Info

CAS Number 2050-08-0
Molecular Formula C12H16O3
Molecular Weight 208.257 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

 Aromatic Splendor A captivating blend of floral, sweet, and balsamic notes.
Versatile Solubility Harmoniously blends in alcohol for best outcomes

Market Applications

Perfume Marvel Its innate ability to mask and neutralize undesirable odors makes it a cherished addition to perfumes.
Floral Elixir Highly sought-after in both floral and non-floral fragrance formulations, enriching them with its unique scent profile.

With Avid Organics’ Amyl Salicylate, immerse yourself in an olfactory experience that’s both enchanting and rejuvenating. Choose Avid for an unmatched aromatic journey.

AviCycsal - Cyclohexcyl Salicylate

AviCycsal introduces a new dimension to your fragrance formulations, fueled by the captivating essence of Cyclohexyl Salicylate. Our product empowers your business by enhancing the quality and appeal of your fragrances.

General Info

CAS Number 25485-88-5
Molecular Formula C13H16O3
Molecular Weight 220.268 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

Versatile Integration Perfectly suited for an array of products from cleaning agents to luxe cosmetics.
Quality Assured Crafted to deliver the signature Avid Organics excellence.

Market Applications

Diverse Utility An essential component in biocides, air care essentials, polishes, waxes, personal care products, and a myriad of fragrances.
Cleaning Maven Stands out in its effectiveness in washing and cleaning products, ensuring a pristine outcome with every use.

Imbue your offerings with the trusted efficacy of Cyclohexcyl Salicylate, brought to you exclusively by Avid Organics. Commit to quality, embrace Avid.

AviCit-Na ( Sodium Citrate)

AviCit -Na, derived from citric acid, is a white crystalline powder or granular crystal. It readily dissolves in water, is minimally soluble in alcohol, and shares a sour taste with citric acid. Medically, it serves as an alkalinizing agent.

General Info

CAS Number 6132-04-03
Molecular Formula Na2CH2O
Molecular Weight 258.06 gm/mol

Key Characteristics

Versatile Integration Perfectly suited for an array of products, from cleaning agents to luxe cosmetics.
Quality Assured Crafted to deliver the signature Avid Organics excellence.

Market Applications

Food Agent AviCit-Na is primarily used as a food additive, usually for flavor or as a preservative. AviCit-Na is employed as a flavoring agent in certain club soda varieties.
Cosmetology In cosmetics, AviCit-Na serves as a buffering agent to control pH level and as a preservative to prevent contamination and degradation by microorganisms.
Medicinal Use Along with citric acid, AviCit-Na is used in medicine as an alkalinizing agent to make urine less acidic.

AviCit-K (Potassium Citrate)

AviCit -K, or tri potassium citrate, is a potassium salt derived from citric acid. Presenting as a white, hydroscopic crystalline powder with a saline taste, it is oderless. In its monohydrate form, it exhibits high hygroscopicity and deliquescence.

General Info

CAS Number 7440-09-07
Molecular Formula C6H5K3O7
Molecular Weight 306.395 gm/mol

Market Applications

Nutritional Value AviCit- K is used in nutritional applications such as infant formula and pharmaceutical/OTC products; it serves as a potassium source.
Acid-Base Balance Helps regulate the body’s acid-base balance by increasing the amount of citrate in the urine.
Pharmaceutical Its role as a systemic alkalizer makes it an active ingredient in pharmaceuticals, particularly in treating kidney stones.
Clinical Efficacy It has demonstrated clinical efficacy in reducing pain for individuals with sensitive teeth and may function as a sequestering agent when included in dentifrices.

AviCit-TE (Triethyl Citrate)

Avicit – TE is an ester of citric acid. It is a colorless oily liquid apply as a food additive, emulsifier, and solvent to stabilize foams, especially as whipping aid for egg whites.

General Info

CAS Number 77-93-0
Molecular Formula C12H20O7
Molecular Weight 276.283 gm/mol

Market Applications

Personal Care Products In cosmetic and personal care sector, Avicit – TE is used as perfume fixer and as a film for hair sprays and nail polish.
Perfumery It is also an active ingredient in many deodorants.
Pseudo-Emulsifier Avicit – TE is also used as a Pseudo – emulsifier in e-cigarette juices.
Plasticizer It also acts as a plasticizer for natural resins and cellulose derivatives.